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UGC Creators — What You Need to Do when Brands Reject You

Hey there! What exactly do you need to do when brands reject you when offering your services as a UGC creator?

Some of you might have been thinking, "Damn, the UGC creator space is so hard. Brands are not replying to me and I'm getting ghosted."


If you are a UGC creator who reached out to multiple brands and got ghosted, don't worry! It happens to the best of us.


✔But here's the thing: if you keep doing what you're doing and keep making sure your brand outreach is on point, there are some brands out there that will get you, and when they do, it'll be worth it.


✔When you reach out to brands and they don't respond, don't give up! Keep connecting with them, and keep doing outreach to new brands. You've got this!


❤✨I just got some inbound inquiries and invites from brands and agencies who need creators, and I got them just by simply showing up!

Paid UGC creation is new to most brands and it takes letting them know how UGC works for them.


✔Post on your social media accounts consistently and you would eventually be discovered


⭐It may feel like rejection sometimes, but it's actually just a redirection—and one that will lead straight to success!


Thank you for reading up to this point.


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